5 Secret Steps To Build A Simple Apartment Bathroom

framed mirror simple apartment bathroom

Only limited things you can do if living in small apartment. However, you may try to build a simple apartment bathroom. How? Shelving Provide extra storage by installing small shelves over the mirror or the toilet. Avoid installing a large shelving unit as it creates a smaller look. Store large items such as cleaning products • Read More »

3 Creative Ideas For Apartment Bathroom

chalkboard paint toilet apartment bathroom ideas

Living on apartment doesn’t mean you can’t do something to the bathroom area. There are many apartment bathroom ideas to reveal personality. Maybe you can consider all options below! Bigger illusion Most apartments have small bathrooms. However, there is a trick to make small bathroom appears bigger. Consider installing smaller decorative mirrors on the walls • Read More »

3 Aspects When Choosing Bathroom Vanity Mirror

frame material cabinet bathroom vanity mirror

Vanity mirror become important element for any bathroom design. There are two choices: a frameless mirror or a framed mirror. The best style of bathroom vanity mirror will probably rely on the present decor or your taste. If you choose a frameless mirror, there are many things you need to prepare such as hanging clips • Read More »

How To Find The Best Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

ask advice bathroom mirror cabinets

Many bathroom mirror cabinets are available in the market, but choosing the best one need proper selection. What is the best choice for your bathroom? Many styles of bathroom mirror cabinet are available and a variety of choices will fit any budget, no need to worry if the budget is a main problem. There are • Read More »

3 Easy Ideas For A Simple Bedroom

mounted bedside tables easy ideas for bedroom

Do you want to remodel the bedroom? Many people think this activity will take a lot of time and money. Well, all depend on the owner’s desire. People who love something simple, they only want easy ideas that won’t take too much effort and budget. Luckily, there are many easy ideas for bedroom ready to • Read More »

Feng Shui Home Design Tips You Need To Know

feng shui living room design decor color ideas with red wall paint

Feng shui has been an ancient Chinese practice that has recently became popular even in the Western world. It aims to strike up a certain kind of balance in a certain environment making it more ideal for people to live in. This is the practice of feng shui that has gotten the attention of most • Read More »